As a company, we are surrounded daily by a great deal of confidential information and data that must be protected. Responsible handling of this information and data as well as ensuring the highest security standards have therefore always been a top priority at PRODYNA. With the globally recognized ISO 27001 certification, we have now integrated professional security management into our information technology (IT) and the company. The certification shows our customers, partners and employees that we take the topic of information and data security seriously.

DIN ISO 27001 is a leading international standard and is considered one of the most relevant certifications in the field of information security. The certification does not focus solely on IT processes, but takes into account the entire corporate structure and culture. The interlocking of technical and organizational measures ultimately creates a robust information security management system.
The label "swiss made software" serves to promote the Swiss software industry and is recognized nationally and internationally as a signboard for Swiss quality in software development. Since 2007, more than 820 companies have joined the label and have been awarded the title "swiss made software". They thus stand for the Swiss values of quality, reliability and precision – especially in software development.

PRODYNA (Schweiz) AG awarded the "swiss made software" label and thus stands for high-quality software development and is committed to the Swiss software industry. We are proud to use the quality label to draw the attention of our customers and users to high-quality services in software development and want to thank all participating Swiss colleagues who made this possible.
As an innovative technology company, we help our customers in particular on their path to digital transformation, which, in addition to various efficiency benefits, also has a high impact on the ecological footprint. For us, it is therefore a matter of course that we also continuously improve in terms of resource conservation and ecological responsibility.

With the introduction and continuous further development of a certified environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001, we ensure that we fulfill our responsibility towards our planet and our environment. In addition, we thereby create a corresponding awareness among our customers, employees, partners and suppliers.

We are proud to contribute with our measures to sustainably conserve resources and the environment.
Cyber Essentials is a UK certification scheme that helps organizations, regardless of size or industry, protect themselves against the growing threat of cyber attacks. The basic certification includes a statement of the basic controls organizations should put in place to mitigate the risk of common cyber threats. The program is supported by the U.K. government and overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and is considered the best first step toward a more secure network.

Most information and data can be found online on networked servers and cloud-based services. Therefore, secure IT software and processes are critical to prevent cybercrime and breaches of sensitive data. The Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates PRODYNA's proactive approach to malicious cyberattacks and that all necessary precautions have been taken to protect against cyber threats. It also allows us to present a trustworthy security record and demonstrate our commitment to cybersecurity.