Cloud Native Computing - Docker & Kubernetes
IT is moving ever faster to the center of business innovation, pushing existing processes and architectures to their limits. Being able to deliver faster and more efficient becomes key to success. With Cloud Native Computing a new paradigm of how to develop and operate software has been established, enabling your business to succeed in the digital space.
Packaging applications into highly coherent containers is key for an efficient delivery and operations process. Moreover, they allow true portability between different cloud and on-premises environments.
Container Orchestration
Once applications run inside containers, management of your system landscape can be fully automated enabling capabilities like dynamic scaling, rolling updates and self-healing. Due to dynamic scheduling of workload existing resources can be utilized more efficiently leading to significant cost reductions.
Decomposing applications into self-contained loosely coupled systems significantly increase the overall agility and maintainability of your system landscape. Independent scaling or replacement of services are only some of the major advantages.
Breaking up silos and establishing cross-functional teams truly enables agility within your IT organization. Deliver on business needs within days instead of month or even years.