HR Colleagues
May we introduce ourselves?
Katharina Fickert
Katharina has joined PRODYNA in 2014 and is responsible for the recruiting at PRODYNA. She studied economics and human resources in Mannheim and Konstanz, before she moved to Frankfurt in 2014. In her free time in Winter she enjoys spending time on the ski slopes. “At PRODYNA you are part of a highly-motivated team with an open, respectful and honest exchange from the first day.”
Laura Schmäler
Recruiting & Human Resources
Since 2016, Laura supports our human resources & recruiting team. After completing her commercial education, she decided to study business administration with a focus on human resources & marketing. In addition to her work, she likes to explore new countries and cultures. Furthermore, she loves to dance with her dance crew. “Working at PRODYNA is very versatile, because of the broad area of tasks and the international environment.”
Cezara Gales
Recruiting & Human Resources
Cezara is responsible for Stuttgart and Amsterdam. She studied culture and economics in combination with Romance studies/Italian in Mannheim. After her studies, she gathered experience in informatics and recruiting. In her spare time, she loves art and traveling. “At PRODYNA there is no boring day, you can constantly feel the dynamic of the company and its various field of work, which make every day great again and again.”
Pia Beckstein
Recruiting & Human Resources
Pia is part of the human resources & recruiting team. She is responsible for the PRODYNA locations in the south of Germany. After her business administration studies in Nuremberg she did a master in HR Management in Munich. In her spare time, she likes exploring the city and in summer she spends a lot of time at Bavarian lakes. “At PRODYNA I like the warm and friendly atmosphere as well as the focus on the latest technological trends."
Christoph Kohl
Human Resources
Christoph has joined PRODYNA in 2008. Staff development and personnel communication is his focus. After completing his vocational training as a banker Christoph studied psychology and computer science. He likes to spend his leisure time with his rock band. "A good working atmosphere plays a significant role in job motivation and therefore in corporate success. Personal appreciation and targeted support of every colleague is an important keystone at PRODYNA."