Hüseyin Cifci
Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Managing Director (CEO)
Hüseyin Cifci is founding member of PRODYNA, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is responsible for the departments Finance, HR and the international operating business units in the UK, Greece, and Serbia. He studied chemical engineering in Darmstadt and business administration in Frankfurt/Main. In his free time, he commits himself to charitable projects and sailing.
Christoph Körner
Managing Director (COO)
Christoph Körner is founding members of PRODYNA, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and responsible for the operational business in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Additionally, he heads PRODYNAs growth strategy in all business units and branch offices. Christoph Körner has studied law in Frankfurt/Main. He has a passion for sailing and skiing.
Jens Weimar
Managing Director (CMO)
Jens Weimar, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), is responsible for the departments Marketing and Sales at PRODYNA. He has studied International Business Administration in Worms. In his free time, he likes singing, playing the guitar or bass and making music in various projects.
David Wainwright
Head of Partner Business Development
Dr. David Wainwright is responsible for Partner Business Development. He has studied natural sciences in Adelaide (Australia) and has completed his doctorate at Imperial College, London. In his free time, he tries to improve his golf handicap.
Darko Križić
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Darko Krizic is founding member of PRODYNA. In his position as Chief Technical Officer, he constitutes the bridge from Software Development to highly available operation of critical applications to strategic management consultancy. He has studied Computer Sciences at Frankfurt/Main University of Applied Sciences. In his free time, Darko Krizic hopes for good weather, so that, being a private pilot, he can relax on a round trip by plane. Or he explores the Taunus on his mountain bike.
Sven Kunkel
Head of Design
Sven Kunkel manages the creativity unit and is responsible for design at PRODYNA. Since 20 years he gains experience in design through working with different companies, brands and institutions. He won national and international design awards because of his knowledge and high design quality standards. His spare time is dedicated to his family.
Dirk Hehrmann
Country COO Germany
Dirk Hehrmann is as Country COO responsible for the locations within Germany. After training as a management assistant in informatics he made his diploma in business and computer science. In his spare time he is doing sports, including playing in the PRODYNA soccer team.
Jens Nixdorf
Managing Director Switzerland
As Managing Director Jens Nixdorf is responsible for business development in Switzerland. Since joining the company, he performs diverse tasks that promote the internal development of PRODYNA. As a member of the Alpine Club he does a lot of mountain sports.
Miriam Kunz
Managing Director Switzerland
As Managing Director Miriam Kunz is responsible for Human Resources and organizational topics in Switzerland. Miriam joined PRODYNA in 2008 and has worked for various locations in several countries. In her free time, she is a passionate dressage rider.
Simo Vuleta
Managing Director Serbia
As Managing Director, Simo Vuleta is responsible for employee and business development in Serbia. With a strong background in Microsoft technology, he has built an international unit with .NET and SharePoint developers and is responsible for growth within the company. He spends his free time with his family, reading books, jogging and traveling.
Konstantinos Christodoulou
Managing Director Greece
As Managing Director, Konstantinos Christodoulou is responsible for employee, business and leadership development in Greece. He studied Applied Computer Science at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki. He loves traveling, sports, spending time in the nature as well as playing chess and billiards.
Wolfgang Exler
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Qnit AG
As CEO Wolfgang Exler is responsible for the sales and business development of the subsidiary Qnit AG. He has been working in IT since 1989 as a Mechanical Engineer specialized in production planning and control. Wolfgang enjoys spending his free time in the mountains of South Tyrol or with friends over good food and a tasty glass of wine.
Thomas Neubacher
Managing Director Qnit Austria
As Managing Director, Thomas Neubacher is responsible for the business development of the subsidiary Qnit Austria. Thomas joined the company in July 2021 and has more than ten years of experience in quality assurance, DevOps and software development. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.
Milica Milojevic
Managing Director (COO) Qnit D.O.O.
Milica Milojevic is the Managing Director at Qnit D.O.O. in Serbia. She is responsible for business development and the development of Quality Assurance Engineers in the areas of test automation, project management and requirements engineering. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, watching the starry sky and spending time with family and friends.