AI & Machine Learning – ITyX & Fileee
Most humans can't compete with a desktop calculator when performing a simple task such as adding numbers. Now imagine there were such machines for more complex tasks. Well, there are. They are always motivated, they don’t sleep, they don’t go on holiday and they are never ill. They never say no, they teach themselves, and they learn from their own mistakes. If this sounds like a great value proposition, then PRODYNA can help you.
For Knowledge Management
Discover new ways to easily conserve, document, and make the expert knowledge of singular employees within your organisation available to everyone, now and in the future.
In Customer Service
Massively increase the speed and quality of your customer service, or retain the quality level and halve your expenses. Either way, a quick ROI is almost guaranteed.
Predict Retail Trends
Machine supported data analysis and insight generation give rise to software predictions. Being able to look ahead gives your company an enormous advantage.
Optimising the Organisation
Automate the simple business processes and reduce the human costs within your organisation. Happier customers and higher efficiency are the rewards.