Company Overview
PRODYNA is an innovative, privately held supplier of enterprise Java software solutions and designs and implements custom enterprise software solutions in accordance with our customers' needs and requirements. We provide consulting, enterprise software architectures, software implementation, requirements engineering, quality assurance, project management, and application management. Long term business relationships with many notable global players from all market segments demonstrates our customer‘s appreciation of PRODYNAs‘ commitment, reliability and business competence.
Company Overview
PRODYNA is an innovative IT consultancy serving the digital needs of corporate enterprises across the continent. With around 360 employees, PRODYNA is represented within the major European commercial regions as well as in New York City.

PRODYNA embodies the portfolio of a creative agency, an IT consultancy, an IT integrator, and a cloud based hosting and support provider into a highly efficient and cost effective full service partner. PRODYNA has supported global organizations with innovation, strategy, custom software, and all associated hosting, support and management processes for almost two decades.
How we work
We are successful if our clients are successful with the IT solutions we have developed for them. PRODYNA is always looking for the solution that is most appropriate for the client. These solutions are often complex, individual and technically advanced.

If possible and sensible, we supplement established standard solutions, adapt or extend the latter. For this, our IT-Consultants and Software Engineers can resort to a permanently updated toolbox containing best practice for standard problems, feasibility studies and processes for project stabilization. This approach has proven its worth many times, since it accelerates projects considerably.

A successful cooperation is based upon reliability, transparency and mutual confidence. We always very specifically document and communicate the projects' status and progresses. This also means: If we make a mistake, we will tell you about it and how we will correct it.

Our fixed price model
With many projects, PRODYNA works on the basis of a fixed-price model, which is clearly calculable for clients. Seemingly low priced offers, followed by increasingly high costs in later project phases, are contrary to our business philosophy.

We are able to offer attractive fixed prices, thanks to the following reasons:
  • Being self-critical, we only take on issues that we are sure to be able to cope with. The higher the challenge a task entails, the more motivated we are. We pre-examine very closely the complexity of each project and pre-define the means which will enable us to complete the assignment.
  • We only take on projects of whose successful completion we are certain. If specifications on time frame, budget or functionality provided by a client are unrealistic, we are taking the liberty of declining the respective project.
  • Our well-rehearsed teams consisting of permanent employees solve technical problems faster and more effectively than ad hoc teams which, having been cobbled together would need to find their feet at first.
  • Our employees have an incentive to complete a project as soon as possible. As a consequence, clients receive their solution faster and with budget security.
  • The acquired project knowledge remains retrievable for subsequent projects. Often, the PRODYNA employees who have completed the first project will return to work on the subsequent project.
How we assure quality
At PRODYNA, we are permanently optimizing our working processes. In order to subject this optimization to clear quality criteria and to make it comprehensible for the clients, we have introduced the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Certification is but one of many means to keep on improving our products and services.

  • We commit ourselves to cost reduction through error prevention with appropriate, systematically used prevention methods.
  • We include our suppliers and contractors in our certified quality management system.
  • We undertake every endeavor in the sectors of further training and human resources development. Thus, we are making sure that the employees working for our clients are optimally qualified and motivated.
  • Our quality goals as well as the management system are continually being adapted to changing conditions, e.g. new client requirements. These adaptations are reviewed through regular audits and are documented comprehensively for our clients.
Our Quality Management Representative reports directly to the management and is equipped with the assertiveness within the company that goes along with this position. His responsibility consists in monitoring, securing and further developing internal and external quality requirements.