Digital Workplace & Social Intranet
The digital workplace can be understood as a tool to increase the productivity of your employees. The technology this solution is based on must be flexible and must be able to constantly adapt the changing demands of the users. Read more to find out why the digital workplace is important for your organisation.
With a detailed analysis of all your requirements and a corresponding selection of workplace components, PRODYNA can help you to create a custom-made solution that reflects your organization and matches your personal needs. The goal is to improve user satisfactions and increase the productivity of your employees.
Building a digital workplace solution is a middle term strategy. Choosing proven products and methods, compliant with established standards will help you continually extend and iteratively improve your DWP solution.
One of the central requirements for DWP solutions is the integration with existing systems. PRODYNA's strategic partnerships and extensive experience in this sector can help you to master this challenge.
Competitiveness in times of rapid change requires flexibility and constant revision of existing structures. This is especially true for the digital workplace. PRODYNA can help you identify redundant and inefficient practices or procedures and assist in the continual improvement of your digital workplace solution.
How many colleagues from other locations do your co-workers know? Improved networking brings your locations closer together.
Are you still distributing project documents and knowledge in emails or shared network drives? Leave the chaos behind by introducing virtual project collaboration rooms.
Are your projects staffed with the right people at the right location with the right skill set? Create opportunities for your colleagues to learn more about one another.
Are your colleagues already creating the future of your company? Does your management listen to ideas from your employees? Create communication and innovation at eye level.
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Process Visualization
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