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WLT: Building a new cloud based omni-channel customer experience platform

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Liferay DXP, Liferay Commerce, Several Amazon Web Services, Elastic Kubernetes Services, Tableau, Enterprise Architecture, User Centered Design
Liferay DXP, Liferay Commerce, Tableau, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS), ReactJS, Java, CSS, My SQL, Jitterbit, SpringBoot, Apache Tomcat, OSGi, Docker, RabbitMQ


Williams Lea Tag Limited, branded as Tag, is one of the leading end-   to-end global creative production and sourcing partners for brands and agencies. Our customer is working with 40 of the top 100 global brands to make their marketing more effective and more efficient.

As production and sourcing specialists, Tag offers a complementary service to in-house teams and advertising agencies to create, extend deploy and realize creative ideas. For their international client partners, Tag brings a consultative and collaborative approach to develop bespoke solutions for unique needs. Tags balances pragmatism and imagination, supported by market-leading technology to drive efficiency, speed and transparency. As the world leader in this field, they have an unrivaled global presence as well as a versatile range of service models – ranging from fully in-house to off-shore and a variety of hybrid models.


With the project Digital Interact™ (Di), our multinational client approached us to help with the conception, design and implementation of a cloud-based service platform to serve their B2B clients and partners to enable seamless and data-driven collaboration across their core business processes of marketing campaign planning, sourcing, production and logistics.

One of the core goals was to drive business transformation by turning innovative technologies, app modernization, process optimization and a customer-centered approach into a unified expierence for differentiation and customer satisfaction. Thereby, Tag changes the way how they interact with their customers, partners, and suppliers, enabling them to be increasingly agile while utilizing easy-to-use tools to execute customers’ needs purposefully. This platform also provides users with a   simple, personalized and unified customer experience across all marketing, commerce, and service processes.


By combining the approaches of user-centered-design, enterprise architecture and software engineering, PRODYNA created a set of easy-to-use digital web applications on the Liferay DXP platform to enable a targeted, flexible and rapid implementation of the customers‘ needs. Through the integration of Tableau visual analytics, the platform provides KPI dashboards used by Tag Account Managers, and their customers to measure campaign and budget performance.

A key feature is the integration of the Liferay Commerce platform, which in addition to a classic warehouse management system, allows customers to view goods, and their stock levels, and simplifies deliveries for customers through optimized ordering processes. The platform offers users a simple, personalized and consistent customer experience across all marketing, trade, and service processes. It supports white labeling to meet the customer‘s desire for maximum brand individuality in visual presentation and function.  

The platform is installed on a state of the art cloud-native platform on AWS with Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) leveraging as many SAS components as possible to optimize operational processes, and costs. To run the entire business infrastructure, and setup entire data centers is made easy by standardizing and automating the setup with terraform. To provide failover and disaster recovery the setup is fully automated and able to restore a complete environment from scratch. All configurations are stored transparently in configuration files (infrastructure as code) which makes identifying of the current settings in an environment very easy. To optimize operational and maintenance costs, external services like databases, SMTP Server, and file storages are uses as Software as a Service (SAS) components which already include backup and restore mechanisms.

The Di project created multiple novel digital unique selling points in the competitive environment along the Di customer journey:

  • Insight and analysis: Provide data-driven analysis of our collaborative work to provide better insights, and identify opportunities.

  • Planning and procurement: Transparent campaign planning and procurement management enables customers to act not only more specifically but also more flexibly.

  • Online shopping: With the Liferay Commerce functionality, production & stock orders can be easily operated by customers and their customers. In addition, inventory and warehouse management provides full transparency of available products or merchandising items, production information, shipping, and delivery management.

  • Real-time collaboration: Enriches customer interactivity with personalized, cross-channel collaboration – easy to use, seamlessly integrated, and available anywhere.

  • Experience: Delivering a simple, personalized, consistent customer experience across marketing, sales, and service processes while ensuring security, privacy and accessibility.

  • White-label platform: This enables customer-specific individual branding and visual representation.


With Di, the new digital experience platform which connects all technology tools in one omni-channel customer portal, Tag frees employees and their clients to excel – by enabling greater efficiency, clarity and creativity. Furthermore, Di provides customers insightful data and the tools for rapid collaboration in a unified, simple and personalized digital experience.

Di is the new Tag product which promises to revolutionize the way they interact with their clients. Leveraging both the Liferay DXP platform and the latest in cloud technology, its intuitive design and almost flat learning curve, ensures that its users are almost immediately productive.

Digital Interact™ (Di) is the new Tag customer experience.

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