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Accessibility Services: What is Web Accessibility & Why it Matters  

Accessibility Services: What is Web Accessibility & Why it Matters  
Over 96% of the world's top one million websites are inaccessible. That means less than 4% of the most popular websites utilize the disability market, which is mainly underserved yet continues to grow.
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Not everyone can easily navigate the web. Digital products, riddled with accessibility barriers, often exclude users with disabilities. This isn't a minor inconvenience; it's a significant design flaw. 

By prioritizing WCAG compliance and user-centered design principles in accessibility services, we can create truly inclusive online experiences. This empowers everyone to navigate the web easily, which should be a fundamental goal in web accessibility. 

Accessibility Laws

What does web accessibility mean? 

16% of the world's population has some disability. This equates to almost 1.3 billion people who may need assistive tools and technologies to access online content. 

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Accessible websites and applications are designed for everyone, regardless of their limitations. This includes, for example, people with visual impairments, hearing impairments, motor impairments, or cognitive impairments. 

Diverse Abilities and Barriers

The goals of web accessibility 

  • We envision an Internet where everyone, regardless of their limitations, can surf, communicate, and find information without problems. 
  • Websites that are easy to use and adapt to the needs of people with visual, hearing, or motor impairments. 
  • Online services that are understandable and inclusive do not exclude anyone. 

Why is web accessibility important? 

There are many reasons for accessibility on the web: 

  • Social responsibility: We must enable everyone to access information and services on the Internet. 
  • Legal requirements: In many countries, there are legal requirements for the accessibility of websites and applications. 
  • Extended target group: Accessible offers reach a much larger target group and can, therefore, increase business success. 
  • Improved user-friendliness: Accessible websites & accessible apps are often more user-friendly for all users. 
  • Lower bounce rates: Accessible websites & accessible apps provide a better user experience, resulting in longer dwell times and lower bounce rates. 
  • Higher search engine ranking: Search engines rate accessible websites better and rank them higher in search results. 
  • Positive brand image: Web Accessibility shows that a company takes social responsibility and commitment to inclusion.

How can you achieve accessibility on the web? 

There are various ways to achieve accessibility: 

  • WCAG guidelines: The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) provide an internationally recognized guideline for designing accessible websites. 
  • Accessible technology: Various technical aids and solutions can help implement accessibility. 
  • Accessibility testing: Regular testing with screen readers and other tools can help identify and eliminate barriers to websites and applications.
Screen reader - Proper page structure
Screen reader - Alternative texts for graphics and objects
Screen reader - Alternatives for CAPTCHAs
Screen reader - No keyboard traps
Screen reader - Meaningful headings and labels, buttons, links, etc.

How can we help you? 

Accessibility Services at PRODYNA​ 

We offer a comprehensive accessibility check to ensure your digital presence meets current standards. We use standard tools to do this, and our experts conduct a comprehensive analysis.  You then have the choice of how much further measures we can carry out. 

PRODYNA Accessibility Offer

Web accessibility is an important issue that affects everyone. By implementing best accessibility practices, we can make the Internet more inclusive and accessible. 

Additional information: 

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