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Alec Budd,

Software Engineer

Alec Budd

You've been working for us for more than three years now. What makes PRODYNA so special as an employer?

PRODYNA is about more than work. PRODYNA, as an employer, offers us employees a framework to develop and grow beyond ourselves every day constantly. All of us are passionate about software development. We all have much fun dealing with the most diverse technologies and exchanging ideas in this regard, for example, in Cloud Native. In addition, many team activities and joint events strengthen the cohesion between the employees. Working at PRODYNA is both future-oriented and challenging.

What do you particularly like about your work with us?

I particularly like the fact that PRODYNA offers me the opportunity to work with many different technologies. This allows me to develop myself constantly. The learning curve is very steep at PRODYNA. My wishes and interests are always considered, and there is a close exchange to find suitable projects for me. Working as an IT consultant can be stressful, but there is always a team that supports me at all times.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

What motivates me is my environment at work. As IT consultants, we have the opportunity to work flexibly from home. However, I travel to our Berlin office several times weekly to meet and exchange ideas with my colleagues. My colleagues are all very helpful and always ready to listen. We all support each other and are always available to anyone who needs help. The regular exchange motivates you to perform at your best and removes any fear of challenges. It is definitely much fun.

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