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Christoph Körner

Managing Director (CEO)

It's my passion to build a European performance company, every day a little better for our employees' and customers' sake. My dedication is to creating real business value through digitalization in an industry that faces the highest innovation cycles ever. Constant shaping of PRODYNA to deliver answers in our increasingly complex world is at the core of my daily business. Creating structures and working environments that produce the best results and solutions for people and businesses to grow is deeply rooted in the PRODYNA team spirit philosophy. It is a pleasure to further develop PRODYNA's success story with such a great team.

Dirk Hehrmann

Managing Director (COO)

Enablement is the keyword of my daily business. Enablement of my colleagues to create innovative solutions at PRODYNA through specific training, personnel development and providing the best possible working tools within the best possible working environment. Enablement of our customers to grow their business through PRODYNA's services and to increase the success of our customers day by day with our services and IT-Solutions. Listening is much more important than talking - in order to establish a positive and successful working atmosphere within PRODYNA and between us and our customers, I listen to understand the needs and act accordingly. The values Partnership, Win-Win and Servant Leader are the basis of my decisions.

Jens Weimar

Managing Director (CMO)

Be yourself - always! - On the job as well as off the job. This is crucial for credibility and a positive attitude toward what you are doing. Dedication and total identification with our PRODYNA values give me the energy and conviction to support and motivate but also challenge our employees as well as together with our clients and partners to overcome their challenges. Therefore, I am constantly searching for tomorrow’s technology trends with our experts. My benchmark and that of the entire team is the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, I want to connect the right people in a constantly evolving and reinventing environment to make customers and employees successful.

David Wainwright

Head of Partner Business Development

Historically, there were customers, service providers, and products. Today we are in the age of the ecosystem. It’s not about me, it’s not about you and it’s definitely not about me versus you. Today, these entities disregard their egos, collapse their hierarchies, and step up to a common table to work together as partners. As partners, we work together to achieve higher goals, master greater complexity and shorten the time to market. Whether in software engineering or in my special interest area, data engineering projects, a functional partner ecosystem - customer included - is obligatory for sustainable long-term success and survival.

Darko Križić

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Requirements change, methodologies change, technologies change - basically, everything we rely on continuous changes. So I permanently ask myself - what of those upcoming technologies and methods do we as a company need to master early and bring efficient solutions to our customers? Solutions including maintainability, availability, security, performance and an excellent user experience are a few to mention. With this approach, our potential customers find us and our existing customers stay with us.

Sven Kunkel

Head of Design

For me, the interest in a successful customer experience is the basis of every investment. With a comprehensive look at all relevant design services in digital product development, I found that the correct use protects against coincidence or even disaster. In addition, long before digitization, the success of brands, products and services was measured by the appreciation of their users. Therefore, a professional interaction of design services, technical development and operation will remain the decisive factor for functioning products in the near future. For this reason, I like working with my colleagues who value these virtues and with whom I can share my interest in real added value.

Jens Nixdorf

Managing Director Switzerland, Country COO

At the beginning of my PRODYNA career, I worked as a software engineer and architect and enjoyed the challenges of bringing large software products to life. However, comparing finishing a large project to running a marathon or climbing an alpine summit too often comes as a cliché. Luckily, PRODYNA gave me many opportunities to witness the similarities firsthand. With PRODYNA, I found a company where I can share my passions with people on a professional, sportive, and personal level. Through my time as a manager, I learned to harness my pursuit of perfection and shifted my focus. Imperfection is acceptable when understood and taken as a chance to learn and evolve. I give my best effort to develop long-term relationships in the best interest of our customers and employees.

Miriam Kunz

Managing Director Switzerland

For me, PRODYNA means growth. With the founding of PRODYNA (Switzerland) ltd. in 2013, searching for and finding the right or, more precisely, suitable employees became one of my main activities. For me, sustainable company growth means, above all, strengthening personal development. Bringing the best out of everyone and creating an atmosphere that fosters progression and inspiration simultaneously is an incredibly great task. When I look at the individual journeys of our employees and, at the same time, see what we have achieved together as a company, I am proud and grateful to be a part of it.

Simo Vuleta

Managing Director Serbia, Country COO

Team spirit. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of PRODYNA. A devoted team with a mission to bring value to our employees and partners.
From my beginning, as a Software Engineer PRODYNA team has supported me in creating a path towards the position, I am in today. I feel happy to have a chance to pass on support and develop new leaders for our company. We strive to do more and better and always accomplish that together.

Konstantinos Christodoulou

Managing Director Greece, Country COO

Software Engineering is my passion. I have been dedicated to this sector professionally since 2005 and have been involved with multiple technologies and large-scale projects as an Engineer, Architect, Team Lead. Constantly learning and sharing knowledge is of great essence since the three pillars Customer-Company-Individual can be successful in this way. Delivering awesome products is our main focus. Building strong Engineers/Leaders and passing the ‘Fighter’s mentality’ is my goal. Through this amazing journey, I continue to learn and adapt to any circumstance like a “Chameleon.”

Management, Leadership
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