Deliver a personalized user experience and drive your growth with seamless omnichannel integration and data-driven insights.

Every visitor to your website or app expects personalized and seamlessly orchestrated content and experience across all touchpoints. You can enhance your reputation and drive higher conversion rates by meeting these demands. We go beyond implementing standard solutions and work closely with you to tailor a platform on Magnolia that reflects your brand identity and delivers a unique user experience. Our method, called Experience Driven Development (XDD), involves strategy, design, development, and operations experts from the beginning of your project to a successful end.

Generative AI at your Service

Already today, generative AI can support you in content creation to help you produce highly relevant content with minimal effort. To learn more, feel free to contact us and download an informative white paper.

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Content creation

With Magnolia as your centralized content management solution, you can effortlessly create, integrate, and edit content across systems and channels through its visual in-context editing and content APIs. We will assist you in developing a tailored content strategy, utilizing versatile features such as pages, content apps, and stories. Additionally, our team can design an effective tagging and categorization strategy to support your content delivery goals.


Do you prioritize user experience and aim to ensure that every interaction with your digital content leaves a positive impression on your audience? Our team excels in UX design, ideation, imagery, video, animation, and text creation.With Magnolia as a DXP, you can reach a broader audience using its robust features like multi-site and multi-language capabilities. Additionally, Magnolia's tailored publication workflows and Single Sign-On modules can significantly enhance your productivity and efficiency through customized publishing and seamless authentication.

PaaS & On-Premise

With Magnolia's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, you can rely on Magnolia to host and maintain your DXP infrastructure. Alternatively, we can partner for managed services on-premise or in your preferred cloud to meet your security and compliance requirements. Our commitment extends beyond technical expertise, as we provide comprehensive business and technical support. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 for on-call duty, ensuring you have the assistance you need to implement and maintain your digital experience platform successfully.

User Analytics

By integrating user analytics, you gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, enhance campaign targeting, and personalize content delivery across multiple channels and touchpoints. We specialize in implementing analytics and creating engaging user interfaces for your DXP using modern front-end technologies.

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