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Interdisciplinary success

We build successful digital solutions for you based on a solid & structured interdisciplinary collaboration of motivated experts. At PRODYNA, we form teams that promote an environment where caring about the solutions we build is easy. The right organizational approach is foundational to this. PRODYNA exclusively hires permanent employees with a clear focus on long-term employment and team building. In addition, we invest in our employees to assure knowledge retention and fitting cultural thinking.

Durability, utility, & flexibility

By considering your business, IT landscape and existing knowledge, our experts can help you to choose the most appropriate, platform-independent technology stack. Yet, if we can’t build it, we will recommend partners that can. The tech stacks we can advise are state-of-the-art, modular, and scalable, enabling you to react dynamically to upcoming business priorities & opportunities. On this foundation, we can develop a robust and scalable architecture aligned with your business & customer needs.

Patterns to success

We can guarantee a cost-effective realization by applying industry-proven standards that we have successfully tested and implemented with over 1000 clients. Knowing when and how to use patterns helps us to reduce implementation time, minimize technical debt, and increase overall robustness. We take this approach even further, to quote one of our consultants: “Sometimes the best code is no code at all. Every line you write is added liability”. Knowing when writing code will harm the business is essential to being a consultant.

Assured quality

High-quality standards are an integral part of what we stand for. We employ modern processes and methodologies to ensure tangible, high software quality. We follow proven coding standards and use effective unit & integration testing. We define and test against research-backed experience metrics to provide a user experience of high quality. To allow for the best possible QA test outcomes, we’ve split our internal QA department to create an autonomous entity, Qnit, solely focusing on this task.

Formative growth

We foster an open collaboration environment and a mindset to reduce friction and foster growth and exchange. We believe in enriching every encounter and see mutual growth, knowledge & expertise interchange as part of the success metrics. While we can introduce new methodologies and ways of thinking, every cooperation also shapes and brings us forward. This ensures your success long after our joint project ends and our improved expertise and personal growth.

Darko Križić


To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Darko Križić

Frankfurt a. M.
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Manage Solution

We are breaking new ground in using DevOps, enabling our strategy to deliver higher-quality applications and services faster and economically. The convergence of Dev & Ops increases the overall robustness of the software, especially in production. In addition, knowing the release cycle and having access to real-time monitoring allows us to have short response times to fix potential problems.

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