Do more with less. This is the promise of the cloud when used correctly. PRODYNA supports enterprise companies throughout their cloud journey to use the Azure cloud to generate business value and competitive advantage.

PRODYNA is a Microsoft Cloud Partner Program member with all three possible Azure Solution Partner Designations: Digital and App Innovation, Data & AI, and Infrastructure. Additionally, we have the Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Specialization, reflecting our membership in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and propensity for building scalable applications and architectures.

We help customers on the cloud strategic level with the Cloud Adoption Framework, well-architected reviews, and Landing Zone design, and on the practical implementation level with cloud-native app implementation and modernization in addition to data engineering and big data analysis and visualization with OpenAI GPT and ML augmentation.


PRODYNA covers all four facets of the Azure cloud - Infrastructure, Applications, Data & AI, and Security. We are here to help customers in all phases of their cloud journey, from those making their first steps in the Azure cloud to those in the migration process, and of course, to the mature digital champions wanting to build on their success by launching new and innovative products on the Azure platform.

Cloud-native Apps

Twenty years of experience with software architecture and custom software development projects for many of the world’s largest enterprises has generated the expertise needed for PRODYNA to help you modernize and migrate applications to the Azure Cloud. We are a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider with recognized credentials from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Our practical experience and daily use of agile methodology, DevOps and cloud-native paradigms help us to apply our know-how and agility to your application efficiently.

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CAF & Enterprise Landing Zones

We have a deep understanding and practical experience implementing the Azure Adoption Framework (CAF). We understand the needs of enterprise customers and what it takes to implement a solid and maintainable Azure platform with landing zone structures featuring enterprise-grade security, compliance, and governance.

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Azure Security

Just as we can help you build your Azure infrastructure, applications, and data analysis platforms, we can also help you protect these assets in the Azure cloud. The Azure platform brings the tools and defines the best practices. We embed these principles into the solutions we build during development to ensure maximum efficacy and zero trust.

Data & AI

We help our customers unlock their data's value and reduce costs with the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform and Azure Cognitive Services. The combination of SQL and NoSQL data storage, analytics platforms, data governance tools, and a multitude of AI and ML-assisted PaaS services gives us the powerful toolset to enhance your business performance.

GitHub DevOps

Our GitHub DevOps certification underscores our collaborative software development and version control expertise. Count on us to optimize workflows, facilitate seamless team collaboration, and efficiently deliver top-tier software solutions.

Migrating Enterprise Apps

Our expertise in Migrating Enterprise Applications demonstrates our capability to navigate complex migration challenges and empower businesses to transition their applications to modern, scalable, and cloud-native architectures. This expertise equips us to assist enterprises in optimizing their infrastructure, enhancing scalability, and maximizing operational efficiency through strategic application migrations.

Success stories

At any one point in time, PRODYNA is simultaneously working on at least 40 customer Azure projects. Read here about a few of these projects.


As an energy and infrastructure service provider, BKW supplies over one million customers with electricity. As a central access point for the numerous private and business customers in the energy business, the BKW OnePortal has developed into a core application. Customers can use this portal to access all service offerings from BKW and its partners. This is enabled by a personalized dashboard in which electricity bills, smart meter data, and planned maintenance measures can be displayed clearly and understandably.

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euro delkredere

As part of euro delkredere‘s digitalization strategy, the existing system landscape must be modernized and existing business processes optimized to consolidate the successful business model. Read about how we helped euro delkredere build an Azure-based web portal solution for their customers to generate more business value and enhance customer loyalty.

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INDEGO is an IT startup delivering a business application and collaboration platform – as a service - to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

The INDEGO platform itself is a fully cloud native application written in the Angular and Java languages and containerized using Docker. The application containers are hosted in Azure using the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to achieve high availability (cluster failover), to get the platform to dynamically scale to the actual activity profile of the clients, and to allow the platform to automatically scale with a predicted increase in the total number of customers and users over time.

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The top-edge graph platform with knowledge engineering for purchasing

Altana is a global leader in specialty chemicals with an annual turnover of more than 3 billion euros. While data analysis and working with data were previously only available to technically savy colleagues, the goal of the ALTANA application EMPOWER was to democratise data and give all employees an equal opportunity to extract business value from data. Every user can playfully familiarize themselves with the data of their work context, recognise and verify patterns, or even expand the data with additional dimensions. Communication between technically savvy and non-savvy colleagues is thus promoted and data-driven innovation projects can now be started in the business departments.

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PRODYNA believes in customer enablement. We want you to carry on by yourself when we are finished. For this reason, we provide a range of training to empower your employees. Here are a few examples; please ask us for more details.

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Crash course in Azure

This one-day training is for beginners new to Azure and provides basic knowledge about the structure of the Azure cloud, Azure core services, and network and security. The target group is IT personnel just starting to work with Azure. Participants will learn about the structure and operation of the Azure Portal and will be enabled to build simple applications in Azure independently.

Hands-On Kubernetes training

The demand for short development cycles, massive scalability, and increased reliability drives the cloud-native revolution with containers, and Kubernetes is at its heart. Our training will give your company the knowledge and skills to leverage the potential containers and Kubernetes offers. PRODYNA is a Kubernetes Training Partner and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider with recognized credentials from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

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More and more companies moving to the public cloud face the challenge of setting up their infrastructure in a scalable, repeatable, cost-effective and reliable manner. The ‘infrastructure as code’ ( IAC ) principle was explicitly developed from this need. This practical training covers what IAC is and how to implement these principles using industry best practices and the cloud-agnostic software ‘Terraform.’

Azure quickstart offerings

We have a set of standard offerings to help your organization get started with Azure. These range from building a scalable Azure platform architecture to migrating and modernizing legacy applications to building new fully cloud-native apps directly in Azure. These offerings can be modified to fit your specific requirements.

CAF & Enterprise Landing Zones

Using Azure can be as simple as clicking a button. Scaling Azure to an enterprise and leveraging the potential in a secure and compliant way is another story. It is vital to establish a foundation tailored to your organization‘s needs and provide standardized workspaces (landing zones) with maximum autonomy within defined guardrails to your development teams. We bring a deep understanding and practical experience implementing the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). All this results in a Landing Zones architecture that will kickstart your Azure journey.

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Your Migration Strategy to the Azure Cloud

There are many reasons to move to the cloud and even more ways to get there. But where do I start? Which of my applications benefit the most? Which managed Azure services can I use to simplify and optimize my application landscape? How can I leverage all these new capabilities to optimize my overall IT organization? This offering will provide you with the expert knowledge to guide you through all your questions and develop a tailormade roadmap to move your organization to the Azure Cloud.

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App Modernization with AKS

This offering will introduce your organization to the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) by setting up a cloud native application development environment and migrating one of your existing Java based applications to a fully functional Kubernetes cluster in the Azure Cloud.

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Creating a MVP in the Azure Cloud using AKS

A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is the smallest possible functional version of a future product or service. A MVP is used to test the viability of a business idea or technology. With this offering, we will turn your idea into a fully functional MVP running in the Azure Cloud.

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