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We give our customers the digital edge.

Our core competencies are implementing user-centric, technologically innovative solutions and their secure operation. With experience and knowledge in all relevant disciplines for developing digital products and services, we have been advising our customers in all project stages since 2000. Today, we are based in several European economic regions. We look with increased curiosity at new technologies, methodologies and aspects for a holistic user experience and check whether and in what form this can generate added value for users and companies. We take every technological, visual and communicative trend seriously and deal with new requirements and the emerging new opportunities of digitalization. Our customers, partners, and PRODYNA itself have grown by this mentality.

Our management

A management contact person is available for all topics and disciplines. The main task is to maintain and develop a professional working environment and atmosphere that allows employees to use and expand their talents and expertise willingly and with all their energy. Responsibilities are given to every employee in the company who demands and appreciates them. Thus, many people in the company carry major topics and innovations and are protected, sharpened and supported until implementation by a few decision-makers.

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Papanikoli 22A
15232 Athens
T +30 211 0011 540


PRODYNA (Schweiz) AG
Grosspeteranlage 29
4052 Basel
T +41 44 532 35 90


Starine Novaka 23
11060 Belgrade
T +49 69 597724-0


Jean-Monnet-Straße 2
10557 Berlin
T +49 30 610 819 180


PRODYNA (Schweiz) AG
Langmauerweg 12
3011 Bern
T +41 44 532 35 90


Ernst-Gnoß-Straße 24
40219 Dusseldorf
T +49 211 960818-0

Frankfurt a.M.

Dornhofstraße 38A
63263 Neu-Isenburg
T +49 69 597724-0


Stephansplatz 2-6
20354 Hamburg
T +49 40 88190248-0


31/35 Kirby Street
London EC1N 8TE
T +44 203 90323-40


Riesstraße 16
80992 Munich
T +49 89 8099113-0

Novi Sad

Železnička 3
21000 Novi Sad
T +49 69 597724-0


Rotebühlstraße 125
70178 Stuttgart
T +49 711 596004-0


7, Chalkis
55535 Thessaloniki
T +30 2311 821 503


Leonard-Bernstein-Straße 10
1220 Vienna
T +43 1 3611638-0


PRODYNA (Schweiz) AG
Schiffbaustrasse 7
8005 Zurich
T +41 44 532 35 90
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Our partners

Our partnerships are selected based on the most significant possible benefit for our customers. Therefore, we work exclusively with partners with established or long-term products and technologies. Through regular training and certifications, we can weigh the advantages for each customer individually and correctly compared to in-house development.

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Download DIN ISO 27001

As a company, we are surrounded daily by confidential information and data that must be protected. Responsible handling of this information and data and ensuring the highest security standards have always been a top priority at PRODYNA.

Download DIN EN ISO 14001

As an innovative technology company, we help our customers on their path to digital transformation, which dramatically impacts the ecological footprint in addition to various efficiency benefits.

swiss made software

The label "swiss-made software" promotes the Swiss software industry and is recognized nationally and internationally as a figurehead for Swiss quality in software development.

Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates PRODYNA's proactive approach to malicious cyberattacks and that all necessary precautions have been taken to protect against cyber threats. It also allows us to present a trustworthy security record and demonstrate our commitment to cybersecurity.

PRODYNA announces new Management Team

In a significant development for PRODYNA, a leading European technology consultancy, Hüseyin Cifci - the current CEO - has announced a major leadership change, paving the way for a new management team to take over the operative business. Recognizing the strengths of the existing team and their seamless alignment with the company's business objectives, he has decided to focus exclusively on handling the strategic roadmap of PRODYNA.

“With this move, we are confident PRODYNA will be best positioned for continued growth and success.”

- Hüseyin Cifci

Hüseyin Cifci made two key appointments to ensure a smooth transition and to lead PRODYNA into its next phase. He has appointed the current Chief Operating Officer (COO), Christoph Körner, as his successor, taking over the role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Christoph's extensive experience within PRODYNA and his deep understanding of its operations make him an ideal candidate for this position. Additionally, Dirk Hehrmann, currently serving as the country COO for Germany, has been appointed to the board of directors as the COO for the entire PRODYNA SE. Dirk's proven track record in driving operational excellence makes him a perfect fit for this crucial role.

Jens Weimar will continue as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), retaining his responsibilities for Business Development, Marketing, and Sales.

However, with all his enthusiasm and commitment, Hüseyin Cifci, will be supporting the 'new' PRODYNA management as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

“My congratulations go to Dirk for his appointment to the board and Christoph for stepping up to be my successor! I wish the new management team all the best in leading PRODYNA towards a successful future.”

- Hüseyin Cifci

The new management team is ready to build on the company's strong foundation and deliver innovative solutions to its clients while further strengthening PRODYNA's position in the global technology consulting market. As the technology landscape continues to evolve, PRODYNA remains committed to providing cutting-edge services and solutions that drive digital transformation and enable businesses to thrive in the digital age.

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PRODYNA announces new Management Team
Jens Weimar


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Jens Weimar

Frankfurt a. M.
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