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Digital product developments, strategy, design, development, operation
PRODYNA offers all service areas that are useful and necessary for conceptual, visual and technical development and the operation of customized digital products and services.

We provide all services for successfully developing digital products, services and business processes.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that cater to all phases of digital projects, and we are here to support you either partially or entirely throughout the implementation process.

Through a qualified selection and continuous training, PRODYNA offers certified employees and experienced experts for all project stages. We can optimally guarantee the efficiency of the development and the success of the finished product through a structured way of working with specialized or cross-disciplinary teams.

Our services can be seamlessly integrated at any stage of the project. Whether it's during the planning phase, implementation, or operation, we are happy to provide guidance and support. In doing so, we prioritize evaluating the project with utmost care and ensuring complete transparency in all procedures to all stakeholders and project participants.

The right approach

The demand for digital products and services that solve a substantial user problem or fulfill a definite user expectation increases constantly. A coordinated approach in qualified and certified cross-competence teams is the key to successful solutions.

PRODYNA offers a method called Experience Driven Development (XDD), in which strategy, design, development and operations experts are available from the beginning of a project. Individual experts or interdisciplinary teams with different focuses from the Define Vison, Find Solution, Build Solution and Manage Solution service areas provide support if needed.

This proven approach is agile and ensures the solution combines the best aspects in a lean and smooth process, bringing optimal value and adoption to the user and the business.

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Define Vision

We dedicate ourselves to problem identification and goal setting in this service area. With several standardized methodologies, we can develop a sound knowledge of the initial situation and not strain the budget later based on assumptions and subsequent corrections. The goal is to steer all implementation measures in the right direction to solve a problem or optimize a current state. This increases the identification of all project stakeholders and accelerates all subsequent activities. However, the main goal is to gain user acceptance by verifying relevance and added value.


Find Solution

This service area comprises the design implementation phase according to the specifications of the strategy as well as the target definition. The design team, in cooperation with developers, take care of the technical, conceptual and information architecture and translate this into a visual design. This can result in several solutions, which are validated for their feasibility and efficiency with the help of user-surveys and tests. The goal is to consolidate the best solution.


Build Solution

Clear and validated concepts for the technical and content architecture and visual design pave the way for smooth implementation with the development teams. Furthermore, the developers can work with a clear and focused approach by ensuring that all fundamental questions are resolved beforehand and keeping the experts available for guidance and queries.


Manage Solution

The "go-live" marks a new exciting and lively phase. With the Manage Solution service area, we offer comprehensive support to ensure that everything is available, functioning, professionally maintained and kept up-to-date at all times throughout the lifecycles of the applications and services. This also provides security at all times.

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