Effortless real-time collaboration and centralized document management

Microsoft Teams enables real-time collaboration, fostering idea sharing and project progress review with integrated chat, file sharing, and video conferencing, while SharePoint centralizes document storage for secure, compliant, and efficient access and collaboration. By combining the AI-driven insights of Microsoft Viva with the automation capabilities of Power Apps, you can empower employees to optimize their time, reduce meeting fatigue, and automate repetitive tasks.

M365 Services

By leveraging M365, you will streamline tasks, boost productivity, simplify complex processes with workflow support, and enhance app functionality by integrating email, calendar, employee information, org charts, and chat features. This facilitates effective teamwork, regardless of location, and offers clear insights into your company's structure and resources for improved decision-making.

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M365 Magic: Modern Workplace Excellence

Efficient Workflows: Integrating collaboration, document access, and Office functions directly into your apps, like your project management tool, enables seamless team collaboration, eliminating the need for tool switching.

Streamlined Communication: M365's email, calendar, and chat features are integrated into your CRM system, allowing your sales team to communicate with clients, schedule appointments, and access vital data in one app.

Boosted Team Productivity: By directly integrating with Microsoft Teams, your HR teams can conduct video interviews, start group chats for onboarding, and efficiently manage employee data within the app.

Effortless Document Management: By linking to SharePoint Online, your document app simplifies access, search, permissions, and collaboration. Legal teams can securely edit contracts without leaving the app.

Centralized Content: Integrated web parts in your content system centralize and maintain marketing materials, ensuring consistency across customer-facing apps.

AI-driven Apps

SharePoint Online, Teams, and Viva leverage AI to provide data-driven insights. They integrate with each other and PowerApps and Power Automate, creating a unified digital workspace. Creating custom dashboards, workflows, and intranets allows you to tailor these tools to your business needs. Information presented on cards and custom dashboards ensures that employees can access the most relevant and visually appealing data.

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Modern Workplace: Benefits for all your teams

Unified Intranet: Implementing SharePoint Online allows you to create a custom intranet within Teams. For instance, your HR department can build an intranet site that centralizes employee resources, policies, and updates, enhancing the employee experience.

Efficient Data Processing: A finance team can use AI capabilities to process and analyze financial data directly within Teams, enabling faster decision-making and financial planning.

Workflow Automation: Your marketing department can automate campaign approvals and tracking using Power Automate within Teams, reducing manual tasks and accelerating marketing initiatives.

Professional Information Presentation: Sales teams can use Teams to present client data in a visually engaging card format during client meetings, improving communication and client interactions.

Customized Dashboards: Your executive team can create custom dashboards within SharePoint Online, providing a tailored overview of company performance, financial metrics, and strategic goals.

Azure Communication

Azure Communication Services is a cloud-based communication platform with essential tools like voice and video calling, text chat, SMS, and email integration. By leveraging Azure Communication Services, organizations can connect employees, partners, and customers through various channels within their familiar M365 environment, facilitating efficient communication and collaboration in today's dynamic work landscape.

Live Chat, Chatbots, Voice Support

Live Chat Support: Your customers visiting the company's website can initiate live chat sessions with support agents in real time. Azure Communication Services powers the chat functionality, allowing your customers to ask questions, seek product recommendations, or resolve issues instantly.

SMS Order Updates: For example, after placing an order, Azure Communication Services send SMS notifications for order confirmations, shipment tracking, and delivery updates.

Voice Support: For more complex inquiries or issues, there is an option to request a callback from a support agent. Azure Communication Services facilitates this by connecting customers with the right agent for a voice conversation.

AI-Powered Chatbots: The platform employs AI-powered chatbots to handle common queries, such as product availability or return policies. Chatbots provide instant responses, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex customer needs.

Email Correspondence: Your customers can also reach out via email for non-urgent matters. Azure Communication Services ensures that emails are efficiently routed to the appropriate support team and that responses are prompt and accurate.

We excel in M365 migration and Modern Workplace transformation, drawing from years of experience as a trusted Microsoft partner. Our focus is to maximize your existing resources, ensuring a swift and cost-effective transition. Beyond data migration, we offer tailored training and rollout strategies. Whether you want to bring your own apps to the professional Microsoft Marketplace, create customized solutions, or streamline subscription management and billing, we've got you covered. Discover how we can elevate your business—reach out today.



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