The specialization in quality

Early on, we recognized that good software development must include appropriate quality assurance measures. Over time, various software development techniques have specialized and evolved. As a result, quality assurance and its processes have become the logical step for us to establish a subsidiary with a 100% focus on quality assurance.

The Qnit team works throughout Germany and Europe from all PRODYNA locations. Due to its history, it has many years of experience in the quality assurance of complex software solutions.

Looking beyond the immediate task and possessing a range of related skills is essential for achieving success. At Qnit, we follow a pragmatic approach that emphasizes consistent investment in quality assurance to achieve tangible benefits and implement medium- to long-term optimizations. As a result, our customers have come to rely on us as dependable partners in the field of QA.

Quality assurance with us

We have high standards for our software development and the long-term satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we analyze the topic of quality assurance with you before each project starts and offer a suitable solution.

At Qnit, we understand the importance of continuous quality assurance, both during and after the completion of a development project. As a result, we provide ongoing advice and support to help our clients develop suitable strategies and solutions to maintain high software quality standards. By doing so, we ensure long-term benefits, client satisfaction, and trust in the software.

Qnit focus

With its services, Qnit focuses 100% on quality assurance in the software lifecycle. Specially trained employees cover all essential roles and areas. For example, Qnit provides specialists in requirements engineering, test management, test architecture and test automation.

Furthermore, great importance is connected to integrating quality assurance into the software lifecycle. Here, Qnit provides support from creating requirements, through development and go-live, to quality assurance during ongoing operations.

Strategy & added value

Through individual consulting and detailed analysis of the project and customer-specific requirements, Qnit always strives to optimize the three factors "risk," "cost," and "time-to-market." The motto "Test smarter than harder" always applies.

With this strategy, short- and long-term solutions in quality assurance are created so that the individual-added value of professional quality service solutions becomes apparent for you right at the beginning of a project.

We develop high-quality software for long-term use

Qnit's expertise allows us to develop software that offers the highest level of quality. Furthermore, we are also interested in providing you with a long-term solution with the developed software. This is guaranteed by the fact that we can create a strategy for continuous quality assurance. It is up to you whether you want to implement the developed quality assurance measures on your own or rely on the expertise of our subsidiary's specialists.

Quality from the start with "smart approach"

Customers typically start manual testing only in the integration and E2E testing phase. However, this approach risks delays in development and, ultimately, in go-live. In addition, bug-fix costs increase exponentially: The later a bug is found, the higher the costs to fix it.

Qnit helps you to start testing earlier (Shift Testing Left) and to compensate for the resulting additional effort through test automation. The combination of Shift Testing Left + Test Automation is an intelligent approach to quality assurance.

Constant quality through continuous testing

Automating practical tests and processes is crucial for implementing continuous quality assurance measures in a project without incurring the excessive time and financial costs. This can only be achieved by using appropriate tools and strategies tailored to your needs.

At Qnit, we provide the necessary expertise in the chosen tools and quality assurance strategies, enabling you to maximize your investment. Furthermore, we assist you in selecting and utilizing suitable tools, refining your plan, and establishing a continuous testing process in your project or company.

Identify and minimize risks

The development, introduction and further development of any software always involves risks. These risks very often relate to project costs. But they can also go hand in hand with reputation on the market or, for example, a loss of image. Because which end customer is annoyed nowadays for a long time with a not functioning software?

In order to exist on the market it is today more important than ever to show a faultless software. Together with Qnit we analyze your individual business risks before the start of development, but also continuously during the project and support you comprehensively in minimizing them.

We take a risk-based approach

Every industry and customer has unique business risks, so a risk assessment should be tailored to each situation.

At Qnit, we use a risk-based approach to analyze individual business risks, evaluate software components and requirements based on these risks, and optimize and prioritize quality assurance measures accordingly. Throughout the process, we remain focused on reducing costs and increasing time to market.

Quality assurance as a balancing act

Continuous quality assurance is essential to ensure successful software development, introduction and ongoing maintenance. This requires a tailored strategy considering the project and the customer's unique needs, requirements, and circumstances. In this regard, cost, risk, and time to market must be analyzed and balanced. At Qnit, we follow several key strategies to achieve this balance:

1) We work to reduce the cost of quality assurance by minimizing manual work and adopting a "shift left" approach..
2) We use a risk-based approach and impact analysis to mitigate business risk.
3) We implement CI/CD integration using test automation to improve time to market.

With our expertise and support, we can help you strike this balance and adapt to new challenges as needed. Together, we can ensure that your software development meets the highest standards of quality while minimizing costs and time to market.

Qnit stands for the highest quality, added value, team spirit, appreciation, knowledge and respect

As the leading company for quality service solutions in the European market, Qnit not only stands for the highest quality, but also invests an above-average amount in further training and long-term employee retention.

Like us at PRODYNA, Qnit also attaches great importance to open communication and honest cooperation. Problems in the daily project routine are addressed and solved together. Team spirit is very important at Qnit; employees support each other, exchange knowledge, and network beyond their own project. The thoughts and actions of each team member and each customer are treated with the highest esteem and respect.

Services of Qnit

Qnit's range of services extends from simple consulting to designing, implementing, and optimizing quality assurance measures to completely outsourcing all quality assurance processes from your company.

You can find a more detailed overview of the services, areas of activity and offers under the following link.

Learn more about Qnit services

Tools & partner of Qnit

To offer quality service solutions, both in enterprise environments and for start-ups, Qnit works with various tools in test management, test execution and test automation. Both high-end products with annual licensing costs and free, open-source solutions are used. Each tool has been carefully selected and is the market leader in its field and category.

In addition, the experts of Qnit also have a broad knowledge of other comparable tools and always advise depending on the needs and requirements of the respective customer projects.

Get an overview of the tool specialization and follow the link below.

Learn more about Qnit tools & partners

If you want to learn even more

Are you interested in the procedures and implementation possibilities of Qnit, or would you like to learn more about quality assurance, quality service solutions or Qnit? Then, visit the Qnit homepage and contact the quality specialists directly.

Maybe you are unsure yet if you need quality assurance for your project or have questions about special problems or conditions. Or you simply want to learn more about quality assurance, working methods, a potential added value or the RoI (Return on Invest) in a direct conversation. Then you will also find the right Qnit contact persons directly at Qnit.

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