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Improve employee productivity and satisfaction with our M365 services and personalized solutions. We are M365 experts and can help you get the most out of implementing Microsoft 365 solutions. This means we customize your tools to automate tasks, notifications, and data analysis (summarization, extraction, classification of data) with AI. Moreover, we help to create mobile and web apps with existing data with the help of Power Apps. We'll provide personalized insights for your followed content and tasks, simplify complex information visually, and assist in managing your focus time or accessing the Inspiration library for your day.

Azure Cloud

Besides customizing M365 solutions and offering M365 services, we provide a comprehensive cloud architecture service to help you design, set up, and maintain your cloud infrastructure on Azure. We can also help you make your system compliant with security, safety, and privacy standards and design advanced scaling solutions using Azure Functions.

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Design and manage your cloud architecture

We will help you raise your core system from the ground up by designing, setting up, and maintaining your cloud infrastructure. We can do security groups, user authorization, API development and setup, network settings, and more. Azure Cloud has over 200 services- we can help you find and implement what you need.

Make your system secure

We conduct a comprehensive system analysis, offering recommendations to ensure security, safety, and privacy requirements compliance. Our tailored automation and policies help you achieve and uphold ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and GDPR standards. For example, we automate document classification upon creation or upload, ensuring precise labeling and access control based on labels, bolstering your data management and security.

Serverless auto-scaling solutions

Enjoy the advantages of server-less code with Azure Functions. You benefit from automatic scaling based on user demand and cost savings since you only pay when functions are active. We can work with your preferred language, whether it's C#, Java, JavaScript, PowerShell, Python, or Typescript.

Configure Azure AD

Benefit from our extensive expertise in configuring Azure Active Directory. We ensure secure authentication and authorization for applications and users, granting permissions on a 'least permissions' basis. This approach enhances security and your access control, safeguarding your data and systems effectively.


M365, including tools like SharePoint Online, Teams, Power Automate, and Viva, can collectively enhance processes within an organization. SharePoint Online streamlines document management, Teams facilitates communication and collaboration, Power Automate automates workflows, and Viva provides AI-powered insights for better employee engagement and productivity.

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M365 setup & configuration

Our team will guide you through the digitalization of your work experience by carefully planning and introducing different aspects of work with the M365 platform.

Manage security and compliance

In cooperation with your admin team, we will assist with monitoring, compliance, and security tasks using tools and services available in the M365 Environment.

Setup search

As most of the modern work relies on the capability to locate work items in your working environment, we will focus on the configuration of the platform search mechanism by configuring managed metadata, crawlers, indexers, and search scopes.


SharePoint centralizes document management, enabling secure access and collaboration, automates workflows like document approvals, and provides robust search capabilities across your organization's SharePoint environment, boosting productivity and efficiency.

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Efficient SharePoint migration

We assist in migrating from on-premises SharePoint environments to SharePoint Online, ensuring a seamless transition. We modernize old processes, forms, web parts, and data sources, enhancing future efficiency.

Effective deployment

If you already have Microsoft 365 subscriptions, we plan and deploy SharePoint Online, optimizing site architecture, content organization, and deployment within your environment.

Customized solutions

SharePoint Online's versatile platform can be tailored to your specific business needs. Our team develops custom solutions, including SharePoint Framework web parts, single-page applications, extensions, and content types, aligning SharePoint with your unique requirements.

Integration capabilities

Our team will help you integrate SharePoint Online with external data sources and systems, including SAP, Maconomy, SQL, Oracle databases, Excel datasheets, and TXT or CSV files.

Enhanced search functionality

To utilize SharePoint’s powerful search engine, we will set up crawling and indexing rules, audience targeting, custom queries, and search permissions for you.

Power Apps

Power Apps creates customized, user-friendly business applications with minimal coding, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity. Unlock Power Apps' potential to boost your company's efficiency, save development resources, seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 tools, scale for evolving needs, and provide mobile accessibility for enhanced flexibility.

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Develop custom forms

Our team will design user-friendly, custom forms (digital interfaces) that simplify data entry and enhance user experience. These forms can greatly benefit your company by streamlining processes, improving data accuracy, and increasing efficiency. We can use the Power Fx language or integrate SPFx components into the app for more complex processes if you need advanced functions.

Modernize your existing forms

PRODYNA's UI/UX experts will collaborate with your team to enhance existing forms, aligning them with your internal processes. We'll employ cutting-edge technologies to modernize your forms and applications, ensuring they meet current standards and incorporate both existing and new functionalities.

Control of your data and processes

Our team can guide you in adopting ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards with the security Admin center's user control, data management, and permission management features. Active Directory domain service ensures secure user authentication, and data connectors offer change history for user activity traceability.

Responsive apps & forms for every device

You'll benefit from responsive applications and forms accessible on any device. Our solutions work seamlessly across devices, even without continuous internet access, ensuring usability on mobile phones, tablets, and interactive kiosks for maximum flexibility and convenience.

Power Automate

Power Automate will empower your organization to automate repetitive tasks, workflows, and processes without extensive coding. It helps to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce manual errors by creating automated workflows that connect various apps and services.

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Streamline Approval Workflows

We can digitalize and set up approval processes, especially involving multiple decision-makers. This system will record all decisions, allowing easy printing archiving, tracking, and control purposes.

Automate your everyday tasks

Our Power Automate solutions can automate repetitive tasks and are especially suited for “done” and “something went wrong” task notifications. If you already have existing automation (for example, Excel macros), we can adapt and modernize it.

We will create automation to match your business workflows from start to finish. The flows will connect to different data sources, extract the data, transform it into a suitable form, and load it where it needs to be. The flows can also automatically generate reports and documents, both scheduled and on-demand, and export data for whatever purposes you need to use it.

Building custom connectors

Custom connectors are like personalized adapters for your software tools. While there are many ready-made connectors available, there are times when you need one that's tailored specifically for your needs. We can create these special connectors for PowerApps, Power Automate, and Logic Apps to ensure your systems work seamlessly together how you want them to.


Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that enables real-time chat, file sharing, video conferencing, and more in a single interface. Your organization can enjoy better communication, smoother collaboration, and increased productivity by uniting your teams, whether they're in the office or working remotely, all in a secure and integrated environment.

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Introducing Teams into your business environment

After analyzing your organizational units, hierarchy, and employees' working routines, we will plan, architect, and integrate Microsoft Teams as a communication and cooperation platform in your business environment. Our team will take care of all aspects of the Teams service configuration (security, policies, apps). We aim to set up Microsoft Teams in a way that fits your business goals, makes communication smoother, and helps create a more connected and efficient workplace.

Customize your Teams

If you need more than out-of-the-box Teams functionalities, our team is experienced in building custom Teams applications and tabs using the latest technologies (SharePoint Framework, Teams Toolkit, PowerApps).


Viva brings a unique blend of AI-driven insights, personalized employee experiences, and seamless integration with Microsoft 365, enhancing employee engagement, well-being, and productivity. You can use Viva Topics for knowledge sharing and discovery, Viva Connections for enhanced employee communication and engagement, and Viva Learning for training and development programs.

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Integrate Viva services and APIs with other products and platforms

We will help you implement Microsoft Viva, a cutting-edge Microsoft collaboration and time management technology. From all sources of employee GDPR-compliant data, we will integrate Microsoft Viva Connections into your workflows, using Microsoft Viva Engage for internal communications, increasing employee engagement with Microsoft Viva Glint, and helping you implement organizational shared goals with Microsoft Viva Goals. Our professionals will get and analyze employee feedback by implementing Microsoft Viva Pulse for you and help your organization organize and use knowledge effectively through Microsoft Viva Topics.



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