PRODYNA can support you in every phase of your cloud journey, from the first steps and the first migration to the development of fully cloud-native applications.

PRODYNA offers a comprehensive portfolio in the AWS and cloud area, where we can support you in every phase of your cloud journey.

Our consultancy in the cloud can begin with evaluating your company's readiness and identifying any necessary actions to be taken. Then, we can establish the initial infrastructure using landing zones and work with you to map your company's structure to a future-proof cloud journey.

We can leverage our extensive experience from numerous successful cloud migration projects to reduce your risk.

The most advanced challenge lies in creating applications that fully utilize the cloud's benefits and potential, known as cloud-native development. This approach is driving us, which is why PRODYNA has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).


PRODYNA is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with public sector expertise and a long partnership with AWS since 2013.

AWS Consulting Partner

PRODYNA has a successful partnership with AWS. Currently, PRODYNA is a consulting partner at the Advanced level. Due to our success in the public sector, we have received the Public Sector Partner designation.

AWS Partner since 2013

Since 2013, PRODYNA and AWS have been working hand in hand to provide customers with the best possible support in their transition to the cloud.

50+ AWS certifications

PRODYNA consultants hold over 50 AWS certificates, from basic to professional level. In addition, our consultants are also certified in specific topics such as data science and security.


Read about the services PRODYNA can provide to help you and your company.

Cloud strategy development

In addition to new opportunities and its vast potential, the cloud also offers unique challenges. To master these challenges and make the best possible use of the chances, you need an experienced partner. Together with you, we will design a cloud strategy that will make it easier to start and enable sustainable success. Let us help you exploit the potential of the cloud.


Are you considering taking your first steps into the AWS cloud but need to know how to start? Then, we will develop a roadmap with you to make your cloud migration successful. Whether it's migrating legacy systems, transitioning from on-premises data centers, modernizing your current tech stack, migrating your existing databases, or moving your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud, PRODYNA as an AWS partner is the right choice for your migration projects of any size.

Cloud-native development

For applications to benefit from the advantages of the cloud, tailor-made solutions that are adapted to both the customer and the respective cloud provider are needed. PRODYNA has a long history of software development and architecture projects. With our experience in the AWS cloud, we can perfectly support you in your software projects and create tailor-made solutions for you.


The critical topic of security has an even higher priority in the cloud. Where is my data? Who has access to it? Can my system be hacked more easily? Is on-premises more secure? Many companies ask themselves these questions. PRODYNA helps you find answers and make your infrastructure and applications both cloud-ready and safe.

Success Stories

PRODYNA has various success stories with different customer across the world.


Serverless e-charging stations subsidies platformThe increasing demand for e-charging stations in many regions requires more infrastructure. Therefore, we have developed an easy-to-use, cloud-native web app to handle applications for e-charging station funding. Read our success story to learn more about the benefits of serverless architecture and the possibilities of the AWS cloud.

Learn more about the success story


Building a new cloud based omni-channel customer experience platform

With the project Digital Interact™ (Di), our multinational client approached us to help with the conception, design and implementation of a cloud based service platform to serve their B2B clients and partners to enable seamless and data-driven collaboration across their core business processes of marketing campaign planning, sourcing, production and logistics. Here you will find further information.

Learn more about the success story
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Upstream Mobility

Creating a reusable and cloud native infrastructure in the AWS Cloud

Upstream Mobility is a Vienna-based company offering a digital infrastructure platform for public transport service organizations. The platform enables customers to integrate their public transport data into a single custom application and create a streamlined experience for their end-users. PRODYNA supported Upstream Mobility moving the outdated infrastructure to the public cloud.

Learn more about the success story


See the training courses PRODYNA offers in cloud-native AWS area.

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Amazon Web Services training

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most successful cloud provider worldwide. It has consolidated its position as the market leader for over ten years, with over 90% of the Fortune 100 companies already using AWS. In this training, you will learn everything you need to know for your first production-ready AWS application and a solid foundation, which you can use for all your upcoming AWS certifications.

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Kubernetes training

Linux Containers and Kubernetes are vital technologies for modern cloud-native application landscapes. To leverage the full power of Kubernetes, a solid understanding of the architecture and the main concepts is imperative. We will give you the theoretical foundation and extensive hands-on exercises to ensure a successful application in your projects.

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Terraform training

More and more companies are switching to the public cloud and face the challenge of setting up their infrastructure in a comprehensible, secure, cost-effective, and fast manner. The "infrastructure as code" principle was developed based on these requirements. This training will answer the question of what infrastructure as code is and how to implement these principles using the cloud-agnostic open-source software Terraform according to best practices.

AWS quickstart offerings

We have a set of standard offerings to help your organization get started with Amazon Web Services. From a quick start and assessment to best practices and modernisation of enterprise JAva applications, PRODYNA offers a wide range of offerings, which can be modified to your specific need.

Setting up a best practice AWS organization infrastructure

We work with you to build a best-practice AWS multi-account infrastructure that will be secure, scalable, and cost-transparent.


AWS cloud migration assessment

In cooperation with AWS, PRODYNA offers a comprehensive assessment of your relevant applications, infrastructure and business goals to help you with your migration journey.


Transforming your Business with AWS A.I. services and Amazon Bedrock

Together with PRODYNA you will get an insight into the AWS A.I. services, how you can best use them for your company and your use cases and what are the first and next steps for you in the implementation and integration of A.I. solutions.


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