We build custom portal solutions to deliver an enhanced user experience. 

Standard portal solutions may have limitations that hinder achieving a tailored user experience. However, with an extensive experience in well-known products like Liferay, SharePoint, Magnolia, and Adobe Experience Manager, we specialize in customizing them to meet your needs. Additionally, we can build a custom portal solution from scratch if you need more than these options. We will work closely to determine the most suitable setup for your portal implementation. 

Experience Driven Development (XDD) is designed with you in mind, offering a unified framework that empowers us to design and develop a digital or customer experience platform. By adopting XDD, you benefit from seamless collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, from strategy to realization. This agile and efficient approach ensures that you are sure that your vision is incorporated every step of the way. You have an existing portal? Request our Portal Checkup!

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In the strategy phase of developing a digital or customer experience platform, we focus on understanding your user's needs by defining tasks, data, and processes. Researching competitors and industry specifics helps us determine a good user experience. Furthermore, we illustrate artifacts, customer journeys, and process diagrams and create low-fidelity wireframes that integrate components for a cohesive interface. We ensure the project remains steady by leveraging our expertise in setting boundaries with a robust technical framework and carefully selecting the most appropriate technologies.


We build detailed screens based on design specifications and requirements in this phase of developing a digital experience platform (DXP) or customer experience platform (CXP). This involves refining design and functionality through short iteration rounds before handing them to the software development team. We create user stories with acceptance criteria and design high-fidelity UI mock-ups, ensuring detailed screen layouts with precise element placement for work processes or features. Prototyping, usability testing, and iterative refinement through our meetings like Developer Handover and Design QA result in a final portal solution that ensures user-friendliness and meets your requirements.


Developing portal solutions agilely involves a flexible and collaborative approach, emphasizing adaptation and continuous improvement. First, we prioritize requirements gathering and prioritization by collaborating closely with stakeholders, considering security and operational aspects. During our sprint planning and design phase, we divide the development process into sprints, identifying key features and creating detailed designs with a strong focus on security and operations. We adhere to secure coding practices regarding development and testing, ensuring that our software meets the requirements and undergoes thorough functional, performance, and security testing. We regularly review our progress, incorporating your feedback, and continuously improve our software solutions.

Portal Solutions

We develop portal solutions that can offer a variety of features, such as personalized dashboards, document management, collaboration tools, communication channels, data analytics, e-commerce capabilities, and more. We use a variety of existing platforms including Liferay, SharePoint, Magnolia, and individual approaches to start building your solution from scratch.


With our extensive experience and successful track record, we have been a trusted partner of Liferay since 2010, utilizing their open-source enterprise portal platform. Liferay empowers us to create customizable interfaces and offers various tools for developing and managing web-based portals. In its latest version, Liferay further enhances our ability to cater to customer requirements and seamlessly integrate technology-independent custom solutions.


We leverage Microsoft SharePoint as a web-based collaboration and document management platform, utilizing its robust features for content management, team collaboration, and business intelligence. As part of our solutions, we frequently develop intranet solutions based on SharePoint, benefiting from its inclusion with an Office 365 license at no additional cost.


We utilize Magnolia, the open-source digital experience platform (DXP) written in Java, to assist you in creating and managing web content. With its flexible and extensible platform, Magnolia empowers the development of various websites and web applications, ranging from simple brochure sites to complex e-commerce systems. It offers essential features like version control, workflow management, and a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor for seamless content creation and management. Additionally, Magnolia offers the option to display content in a personalized manner and to connect with third-party systems.

Portal Blueprint

PRODYNA's Portal Blueprint jumpstarts your portal project using Open-Source web technologies. It includes essential components like IAM integration, a prepared front-end, default integration paths, and a CI/CD structure. We rely on React and MUI for front-end development, building on our successful track record. With PRODYNA's Portal Blueprint, you benefit from the speed and flexibility of Open-Source technologies and leverage our expertise in React and MUI to enhance your front-end development process.

Open-Source Technologies

By leveraging Open-Source web technologies, we provide cost-effective, highly flexible, and customizable solutions that continuously evolve with innovations. These technologies offer longevity and sustainability through community maintenance, and vendor neutrality is a significant advantage. PRODYNA has extensive experience using Open-Source web technologies since our inception, and we offer blueprints and patterns to jumpstart your portal project.

Success Stories

Discover the success stories showcasing our expertise in developing a customer or digital experience platform.


As an energy and infrastructure service provider, BKW supplies over one million customers with electricity. As a central access point for the numerous private and business customers in the energy business, the BKW OnePortal has developed into a core application. Customers can use this portal to access all service offerings from BKW and its partners. This is enabled by a personalized dashboard in which electricity bills, smart meter data, and planned maintenance measures can be displayed clearly and understandably.

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euro delkredere

As part of euro delkredere‘s digitalization strategy, the existing system landscape must be modernized and existing business processes optimized to consolidate the successful business model. Read about how we helped euro delkredere build an Azure-based web portal solution for their customers to generate more business value and enhance customer loyalty.

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