With PRODYNA as your partner, you get managed service from a highly motivated and certified team in 24/7/365 mode.

Our passion is to run managed services efficiently according to an emergency manual and the associated infrastructure. We offer reactive but also proactive support, including modern monitoring, reporting and joint reviews. We focus on cloud infrastructures (AZURE/Kubernetes/Container), but we also manage classic on-site concepts.

Our goal

We aim to operate applications stably, securely and economically for our customers. Transparent reporting, a professional communication platform and regular reviews with the customer make this goal measurable.

Optimal target achievement

PRODYNA's customers should receive the best possible support tailored to their needs. Therefore, we advise our customers that they can achieve their goals with the most economical means.


PRODYNA's managed service team looks back on years of experience. Proven and continuously improved methods, processes and current tools offer the best prerequisites for the best possible support of your services.

New approach

We are forging ahead with innovative approaches and leaving behind the traditional DevOps methodology.

We go new ways

Our approach to providing customers with an optimal price/performance ratio deviates from the traditional DevOps model. Instead of mixing teams, we employ an optimized form of communication between them to maximize their respective strengths. As a result, this approach delivers an optimal overall result without switching to hybrid mode. In addition, unlike the classic DevOps approach from 2009, which often forced colleagues into work modes that didn't align with their strengths, our method enables both teams to develop their strengths fully.

ISO 27001/

We work according to ISO 27001 and TISAX standards.

Information security

We are an ISO 27001-certified company that provides TOMs to assist you in meeting high-level information security standards. According to TISAX AL2, our certification further attests to our commitment to excellence. Moreover, we work with companies from the KRITIS sector and satisfy their stringent requirements.


Our offer in the area of Managed Services

Application- and infrastructure support

We provide up-to-date application and infrastructure support that meets the latest technical standards. As a standard practice, we use infrastructure-as-code. For applications we have developed, we offer optimal support on infrastructure explicitly designed for this purpose.

Modern workplace support

We offer support for

- SharePoint-Online
- Exchange Online
- Teams
- Yammer
- PowerApps

1st - 3rd level support

We innovate in the implementation of managed services.

1st level support

Utilizing our subsidiary, Exciting AG, we offer our customers an additional advantage. We can take over the initial support level for your application and Office 365 and, if necessary, collaborate directly with the 2nd or 3rd level support on our end. As a result, the customer receives a comprehensive system allowing full reporting across all levels, providing end-to-end support.

Stefan Körner


Further details can be provided in a personal meeting with you.

Stefan Körner

Head of Managed Services
Frankfurt a. M.
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