Define Vision

A well-defined digital transformation strategy helps unlock your business’s potential and create and seize emerging opportunities.

With our extensive expertise, we will accompany you in defining an impactful & realistic strategy based on your business specifics.


The beneficial change will happen when all stakeholders understand that a proposed vision will allow them to reach their goals more successfully. We know how to facilitate this process and translate needs into a cohesive & shared vision. Guiding change is challenging, but we are confident we can successfully help you in your business transformation and cultural change.


A concise and focused strategy is crucial to unlocking your business' potential. Therefore, we support you in developing a data-driven transformation roadmap to prioritize your digitalization opportunities according to the potential impact, involved risks, and required investment. On this basis, we can build a strategy suitable to your company's current UX and digital maturity level, aligned with your growth strategy, and support transforming silo mindsets into user-centered thinking.


Effective digitalization hinges on experience in the business domain and in the domains of all involved crafts. It requires knowledge of what adds value and impedes progress and verification through measurable KPIs. With our market-proven expertise, we will guide you on the most efficient path while showing you how to avoid transformation pitfalls.


Success is more than unlocking your potential and creating substantial business impacts. Developing your capabilities to sustain the continued digitalization is as much part of it. Your understanding of the decisions taken during the transformation is crucial for sustained success and one of the reasons for our transparency and knowledge-transferring culture.

Sven Kunkel


To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sven Kunkel

Head of Design
Frankfurt a. M.
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To lay the foundation for an impactful solution, it is necessary to initially create a broad set of ideas from outside-the-box thinking to traditional approaches. These ideas can then be validated by criteria developed through user research and concentrated into solutions that fit actual needs. This requires a systematic approach supported by insights from internal and external users to help explore and navigate the solution space and to discover users’ true needs and goals.

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