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To lay the foundation for an impactful solution, it is necessary to initially create a broad set of ideas from outside-the-box thinking to traditional approaches. These ideas can then be validated by criteria developed through user research and concentrated into solutions that fit true needs.

This requires a systematic approach supported by insights from internal and external users to help explore and navigate the solution space and to discover users’ true needs and goals.

Diverge to innovate

Scaling back an unorthodox idea that covers real user needs is much easier than trying to make a common idea desirable. To define a practical solution, ideation should be kept broad without attempting to evaluate or judge initial ideas to foster an environment of new perspectives. Instead, initially considering multiple solutions will uncover innovative design paths and value drivers. Each idea's pros and cons can then be evaluated and merged into an optimal solution verified by criteria defined through user research.

Benchmark for success

The first step in creating unique solutions is understanding what we want to achieve, for which we need to understand the users and their needs. No matter how great a solution is, if it solves a non-existent problem, it can’t succeed. Therefore, evaluation criteria need to be defined through insights rooted in empathy to verify solution ideas. User research describes which problems must be solved, how to validate the solution built to solve them, and the logic to focus on innovation through user research.

Better through failure

With partially automated user testing, we can gain valuable user feedback early on, even with a limited budget. In addition, we can incrementally improve information architecture, usability, copywriting, and visual style by analyzing users' struggles during prototype testing. We developed a systematic approach with evidence-based testing, evaluation, and implementation guidelines.

Build to last

The confluence of design, feasibility, and practicability is crucial to reduce risks and improve the chance of a successful implementation. Planning for a high level of standardization early on with an interdisciplinary team is pivotal to guaranteeing a robust and scalable solution. This can be achieved by introducing modern standards for the design-to-development pipeline, information architecture, copywriting, and atomic design.

Sven Kunkel


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We build successful digital solutions for you based on a solid & structured interdisciplinary collaboration of motivated experts. At PRODYNA, we form teams that promote an environment where caring about the solutions we build is easy. The right organizational approach is foundational to this. PRODYNA exclusively hires permanent employees with a clear focus on long-term employment and team building. In addition, we invest in our employees to assure knowledge retention and fitting cultural thinking.

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